OP1 foley


Sleepy boat makes you want to sleep.

I like it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

The second part really got me sleeping.


The magic of sleepy boat.

nice animation and chilled tune

I wanna go back to bed !

It’s the best places to play with your tech!

very dreamy!

There is a sonar in that boat, maybe it is searching for something… :slight_smile:

It would be interesting to know the steps you took to crafted that ambient tune, if you don’t mind sharing it…

Oh well, it’s a patch called Noise for Real that I got from someone on here a while ago, I can’t remember who’s it was… Then there’s punch on it with a FreeFX set on the power. That recorded at different speeds of the fx on each track. Then a beep (E) I notice the tape measurements on the op1 are in mins:secs: and frames. So 24 frames per second of the tape. So I didn’t have to do much to time it out to animation. Is that normal in sound stuff? or is it just the op1?

Then it’s massive spring but tuned into the harmony with the number of turns. That’s about it I think!

Pretty boring.

oh, that animation is done in TVPaint Pro

I think it would fit nice projected on a big screen on some modern art museum room… :slight_smile:

Today’s lunchtime doodle. Op1 too https://youtu.be/qIB-iuADAuM

Waaah Miyasaki-sick !

Another day, another loop. OP1 of course… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgHwms3pnJo