Op1.fun problems?

Hey folks, is there something up with op1.fun? I’ve not logged on in a while but my browsers giving out security warnings and blocking access.

The website certificate must have expired.
The site is still up and running.
You can just ignore the warning temporarily.

It seems the problem has been taken care of!

Thank you @dustmason!

Unfortunately I am still getting it blocked. :frowning:

Oh, yes, must have been because I allowed the website, my bad.
Just press the advanced parameters and then “continue to website (harmful)”.

Thanks for checking. I don’t think it’s best thing to ignore warnings. I’ll wait till the certificate is fixed. Thanks though.

There is not much harm, op1.fun is very niche, and it’s not like you’re entering any personal data.
Trust me, you’re safe.

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Looks like it’s all fixed now!

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