OP1 is noisy w USB

I am a huge fan of this crazed swiss-army synth of doom, let’s just get that out there. But when I connect it directly to my mac via usb via the supplied cable, it has electrical noise. I tried different cables (again, directly to the mac) but the same problem occurred. But tonight, I grabbed a usb cable from an old phone, connected it via a usb hub, and no more noise! Has anyone else experienced this?

I was monitoring through headphones plugged directly in to the op, btw. Anyway, not a real problem, just one without a clear reason why it works. Any suggestions welcome.

For some (or maybe it’s everyone), if you disable USB charging (Shift+Com > the icon on far right) when connected to your computer, there’s less noise.

I haven’t tried with any USB cable other than the one that comes with the OP-1.