Op1 sync/sequencer delay problem

I got a kenton midi hub to sync up my Op1.

This works OK for playing the tape.

It doesn’t work OK for sequencer playback. I seem to get a random variable delay of half a beat or so when I hit a key.

If I remove the USB cable and hit a key, sequencer works as expected without a delay.

Does this sound familiar? It feels buggy to me.

i also use a kenton midi hub with my op1.
i’ve noticed that in some synch scenarios the sequencer does not start on the one, but rather it starts at the first midi note. so, if my first midi note isn’t on the one, then the sequencer will be out of synch.

i also get midi feedback in some situations, that screws timing up.

for me i always thought that maybe the sequencer
was trying to start at the next pulse to stay in sync with the tempo
and locked tight into the timing grid
so like if u hit it a touch late it starts at the next pulse.

i always had good luck just hitting the key a touch early and it started at the right time.

similar to how a quantized sequencer might work when playing in notes