Op1 won't resample hot anymore

Did something change with one of the updates with gain-stage behavior? Cause I can remember in the past easily clipping the mixer if I resampled too loud. For example too much drive and the orange encoder being too high on tape.

Last night, I was recording to tape stuff that has lots of energy: bass patches and stock drums. They were originally recorded to tape with orange encoder open all the way. Then it don’t matter if I resampled back to another tape track, or synth/drum, but the result don’t come close to redline the mixer, despite having applied rediculous amounts of drive and having the oorange encoder turnt up all the way :slight_smile:
I can hear the effects of the compression, and the waveform is more squashed, but no perceived louderness.

I also noticed that drum sampler normalizes at a perceived loudness noticeably greater than the synth sampler.

I don’t remember any of these things in the past, but I only started using the op1 again 2 months ago with a couple of updates since then.

high Drive and bouncing back to another Tape track with Ear recently, I easily clipped/distorted nastily a drone I was trying to boost the level on.

Ok thanks for your feedback. You’re using the latest OS?

I am. 14203

Hmmm…well what about the drum vs synth sampler I mentioned. Can you confirm for me by lifting the same piece ttape and dropping it into both a drum and a synth sampler and then normalise each one? My drum sampler is louder for sure.I’m almost positive. I checked for fx,pplus the orange encoder. Meanwhile, I’ll reformat to see i f that changes

i more or less got what you got using the drum sampler. i cranked drive to 99 and release to 300 and just kept recording, lifting, dropping. eventually id amplified so much reverb and noise from the sample i was recording it didnt sound like a kick anymore (very snare like hehe) and while the red LED lit briefly it wasn’t horrific sounding. i may try with Tape and Ear again wheee i’m sure it got awful, but i’m in the middle of the christmas thing atm.