Operator introduction thread


Sorry if this exists already, but I thought it’d be nice to have an introduction thread for the new (and why not old!) operators on here.

Hi everyone! I’m not strictly a new operator – I had an OP-1, sold it, bought it again 'cause I missed it so much. It’s the only piece of gear I’ve ever bought twice. And I really, really enjoy this community. There’s some stunning talent and really helpful types on here – yoof, lymtronics, mixrasta, shamaniaq(AWOL?), cuckoo, aswefallintostatic, spacetravelmadeeasy, somelamp…

I’m really excited to be able to fiddle with the OP again. And, as always, hungry for updates…

Fact box:
From: Finland
9-5: Comms
Styles: Electro, rap, bass music, ambient
Setup: OP-1, 3 Elektrons, Eventide H9
Other: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, bicycling.

Hey there josker. Good idea for a thread.

I’m mostly new here. I got in around the PO hype. The PO-12 is currently the only TE product I own, but I’ve gassed about the OP-1 and may pick up a PO-14 and/or PO-16 soon. This is certainly an awesome community. I tend to stick around communities that exude positivity and this one has a bunch of it.

From: Northern California
9-5: Graphic design
Styles: Ambient, experimental, post-punk
Setup: Octatrack , Audiothingies P6, Sonic Potions LXR, PO-12, Groovesizer TB2, Volca Sample, Volca Keys, Electribe E2
Other: Hiking, biking, cereal, podcasts

I think this is the first time I’ve heard of the P6. Seems V/ cool judging by some demos!

I think this is the first time I’ve heard of the P6. Seems V/ cool judging by some demos!

It’s seriously an awesome instrument, especially for the price. The new firmware is in public beta and makes it even better. Easier to use UI, 9 new oscillator algorythms (up from 3), 4 new filter types (up from 4), better LFO, better arp, arp sequencer, plus more. Couldn’t recommend it more. Thinking of building a 2nd one to polychain.

mad. p6 looks awesome!

Welcome home Josker.

Fact box:
From: Scotland
9-5: Creative Director (Digital)
Styles: Electro, ambient, triphop
Setup: (changes all the time) OP-1, OP-Lab & PO12, Volca Sample and some effects. That’s on the hardware front.
Other: Photography, Holidays to admire Architecture

thank you sir! Sure feels like returning to a comfortable place… Won’t be parting with the OP-1 anytime soon, anymore.

I have yet to do one of these:

From: soviet canuckistan
9-5: devops
Styles: beats & boom bap + soundtrack + phènome + whatever I feel like at the time
Setup: op-1 + turntable + old records + fm radio + whatever synth is laying around
Other: programming, maker

Hi everyone!

I’ve been reading threads for a while, but now I got time to post something here. I’m entirely new to making music, been fascinated by it for a while. Now I took some cash and got started with the OP-1 and the korg volcas.

Here’s my fact box:
From: Berlin
9-5: PhD student (Biotechnology)
Styles: dubtechno, deep house, yet to define
Setup: OP-1, Volca beats/bass/keys, patchblocks