Oplab Module - Midi disconnecting

I have the Midi and CV Module and for the first couple of weeks the midi connection worked kind of fine (“kind of” as in sometimes suddenly just stopped working) but now the midi input doesn’t work at all.

Does anyone else have problems with midi connectivity on the module?

Mine was fine for about 30 minutes and then it just shut off.
I had to restart the OPZ to get it back on. Yes it frustrating.
Lots of little bugs in the machine with the OPLabZ brick attached.

I didn’t have double triggers until I got the OpLabz installed too.

750$ and there are lots of little bugs. I hope they do an update soon.

But it Is one of the best sequencers I have ever played with.

Edit: Ever since the April 5th 2019 update my MIDI is pretty solid.
Was using the OPZ midi for about an Hour no drop, and then had it
run for another hour. So far never missing a beat.

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