OpLab Q&A

Here is a question for OpLab users:

Do you keep your OpLab always plugged in the power, or do you unplug it after each use?
Is there any advantage to unplugging it every time?

Mine stays on all the time, but am wondering if this might have any adverse affect on the electronics…

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should not be a problem… waste of electricity.

I have mine plugged into a central power station so it all goes off at once and saves wear and tear on the power socket.

I see no reason to waste energy by leaving it powered on 24/7

I should try to figure out a more centralized power supply arrangement in the studio, so that one switch can power the whole lot off… :wink:

there are guitar pedal power racks, might be good. Or a good power strip an flick the switch…

I have a furman rackmount unit with something like 8+ AC outlets, from back when I had a lot more hardware going.

But a power strip would work, too.

I unplug after use unless I’m using it to charge the OP-1.

Can the OP-Lab connect and sync two OP-1’s - so one is master and one is slave to midi clock?

yes, it masters in order A input B input, if I am not mistaken.

I downloaded the instructions but the dual OP connection possibility wasn’t clear.

It’s funny though I thought there would be more possibilities for connecting things with different things - there’s only like 5 options I choose from.

Yeah… well, there is room for more options and functionality… except the development seemed to have been on hold for a looooong time.
I wonder if the new drum machine they ate making will talk to OpLab/OP-1…?

The life of the OPLab has been full of twists and turns!

That’s for sure!

It’s time for it to get on a straight path, and gain some proper momentum for a change!


…that would be awesome! one big update for all that stuff.

in the early days its some kind of Interesting to force the possibilities buuut after figuring out what you exactly need you have to wait for that Update to come.

…and i don’t speak in days or weeks…

hopefully PO-12 would be in stock for everyone this time. and i will reduce my set to machinedrum/oplab/operator1/po12/differenteffects.

…if someone is interested in a rhythm55/KP3/DDM110.
give me a PM.