Oplab trigger input voltage?

It’s says - 10v +10v however is this the maximum or the voltage needed to trigger?
Its strange as regular gate is 5v so is this the trigger voltage for PO’s or Volcas? The trigger output is 5v so its odd it’s different for some reason :thinking:
Either way the trigger out on my TR-08 seems to have no effect :slightly_frowning_face:

My understanding is that oplab CV gate is 0-5v an CV2&3 are( -5v to +5v) and the trigger use 0- 10v

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actually 5v and 10v are the same on op-lab. You can taste it with you tongue, 5v and 10v taste kinda the same. Unlike actual 10v power supply, witch has almost unbearable higher taste of current. :man_shrugging::tongue: …also, if you taste op-lab MiDi port you will notice that it has much stronger type of 5v, but still not as hot as 5v from a phone chearger. :hot_face:

lol i’ve heard 10v pairs well with gin and tonic :man_facepalming:t5:

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the click is a flavor of a low current sound wave.
:warning: never put actual 10v it will damage it. You can literally sample click as mp3 and play it back, it will have same flavor.
… so you can load click sample on your DJ deck and play it in a loop, so when you adjust tempo on your deck you will automatically adjust tempo of you Pocket Operator.
You can also use that click audio sample as trigger to progress you Pocket Operator sequence. (Make sure you pit it into right audio channel L/R )
you can even make a custom mp3 where on one channel you have your music and on other channel you have trigger clicks. and if you play that mp3 true Pocket Operator they will work in sync.

@Dreamfish IIRC the TR08 trig is 12v, try using attenuation and see if it works, seems counter intuitive but I have done similar in the past with other gear.