Oplab tuning problem

Got my oplab today, tuning is messed up, look here:


what is going on here? is it toast?

You could try putting the op-z flat on the table. It will not do the double trigger thing ?

Sorry for my previous post, i thought it was in midi.
I don’t know what it is.

does it go back to normal if you remove the module? Are you using the latest firmware version? Have you tried doing a factory reset on either op-z or module?

I got mine today too and it did that but I switched octaves and it seemed to be fixed, I will keep trying it to see if is ok but try switching octaves.

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I wasn’t really clear what is happening here:

internal sounds all play fine, external by midi all play fine, just when I use CV/Gate with the oplab to an external synth 5 or 6 notes around c2 distort, wobble and are out of tune.

Do you perhaps have to calibrate the CV output with the Roland? I know I just read about calibration for CV input for the Monotribe (want to drive my Monotribe like this but don’t have the right cables yet)

Have you also tested it with another synth that can be controlled via CV/Gate? Is it the same for all? I also have to recallibrate my MicroBrute frequently because it seams to “forget” the right relation between CV/Note each and every time.
It’s really strange behaviour… Read you post about an hour ago and can’t stop thinking about a solution :joy:
Perhaps you can try this just to counter-check: connect the cv-in of your SE-02 to cv out 2 or 3 of the oplab (if you have the right stereo-splitter for that) instead of cv 1. Keep the gate connected as is. Open the gate by pressing a key on the op-z and slowly tune the SE-02 up by moving the corresponding dial clockwise. Do you still hear the incosistencies around c2 (or anywhere else)? If yes, I would rather tend to think the problem is inside the SE-02. If not, there seems to be something wrong with cv out 1 of the oplab. Perhaps try a factory reset. Helps for many things :wink:

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indeed the problem seems to be the se02.

I reset the op1, now the crunch is gone, but the tuning is off by half a note over an octave. it was working just fine two weeks ago with my beatstep, which i lend to a friend, so I cant check it right now.

I tried the opz/oplab on the mother 32 and it seem fine.

more research needed…

I just checked the CV output with a voltmeter and a modular, here is what I get:

The unique CV range seems to be from C2 (0.005V avg.) to C7 (5.016V avg.) which allows for 5 octaves of CV. Below C2 the control voltage just duplicates the CV for one octave above (A1 gives the CV for A2), and above C7 the controlvoltage duplicates the CV for one octave below (A7 gives the CV for A6).

Within the 5 octave range, the frequencies of an oscillator sound quite normal according to the equal temperament to me (by ear). So, personally, on a modular system, I would assign C2 to a very low frequency to give enough headroom to play the octaves above.