OPZ / Ableton

Hi there everyone,

That would be a silly question, but ! I want to use OPZ as a midi sequencer to Ableton/VCV Rack and, it works “well”. BUT, my opz still sounds by it’s little amp, and I don’t want it sounds !

(I’ve just connected my opz with the usb cable to my computer)

Is there any way of turning off audio-out on OPZ ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Personally I just keep the volume knob at minimum, you could also mute all tracks on the mixer page. :slight_smile:

If you press shift while in the mixer and press the tracks you want to mute, it will only mute the audio and continue to allow OP-Z to send the MIDI information on those tracks.

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Yes ! Dunno why I didn’t think about these solutions haha :slight_smile: Thanks ! ^^