Opz memory full

Hi all, I just added some samples which I converted from Splice. Now my Op-Z is full and I am only using two slots of the samples track with 8 empty remaining. I’m guessing the sample took a lot of memory, does anyone have any experience with this happening and what do you recommend? Converting the samples down to a lower sample rate, e.g. 24 to 16? Thanks.

Try go to the op-z app. And open configuration menu. Than off load and manage your samples and synths from there.
Maybe its happening because you still have an old project that uses old samples, so op-z tries to keep that data as well.
Try to clear all your projects, and than load new sample packs
:warning:BACK UP FIRST​:warning:

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Cool! Thanks I’ll try that, much appreciated.

Do you mean to back up, then do a factory restart/reboot from original files? Then add my samples?

so I did a factory restart and added my Project files. The samples are obviously gone, so I guess I cannot add them from the app, so they need to be added via computer correct? Thanks for your help BTW.

Yes via computer. Add the sample packs back, the same way you add back your project.

(You can even do it with out a computer on an iOS device)
•put your op-z in DISK MODE.
•open files app on your iOS
•connect op-z and iOS device with a data cable. (USB-C to Lighting)
You should be able to find op-z disk drive and do the same as you would do on a computer)

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