OPZ OPlab Problems

Here’s another one: I set the little switch on the oplab to POsync to sync my Roland sh-01a. most of the times it works, but then after a while it stops for no reason. Any Ideas?

Another thing: what is the Ipad App supposed to show when I select the module track? here it says module : none and all I can set is the 1-32 controller values, but no midi track or anything else. or is there a different place to set the midi channels for the oplab?

As far as module not showing up in app— I understand that’s expected behavior, which a future iOS update will resolve. TE covers this in this video: https://youtu.be/1TyGRtEBf2Q

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great, thanks. missed that.

is it just me or is it really so hard to get something like a decent manual for any TE product? I always thouht the idea for an online manual was to keep it up to date…

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