Opz Portamento with analog gear

EDIT: A slew utility is needed to achieve this i believe

I was borrowing a friend’s Shuttle Control for a bit to test it out with the OP-Z and I’m not 100% sure that I tested portamento while I was borrowing it, but I did test pitch bend. The Shuttle Control lets you choose the range of the pitch bend with the 1v/oct setting you choose for a given output jack. Sorry that’s not a direct answer, but I don’t distinctly remember trying portamento, but it seems like something I would have tested out and if it didn’t work I definitely would have remembered. :man_shrugging:

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No worries at all! Thanks for the feedback. I feel like the issue is a on the MIDI protocol side/ or how the data is handled on the hardware side. On my setup pitchbend works just fine. It would be super cool if the opz could somehow take the portamento information at send it out via midi cc.

I’ve put off buying the Shuttle Control for the moment, but when I’m ready to integrate OP-Z with my Eurorack, its definitely my choice, but before I pull the trigger, I’d want to check to make sure portamento works.

A workaround could be to output the portamento setting to midi cc and send that to your slew limiter. Seems like that would work for parameter locked portamento, but probably not for the step component.