Organ doesn't respond to velocity in chords track

I first noticed it playing with an external keyboard, but now I create a chord track with organ synth and use step components to modify the velocity to different values. All played notes play as if the velocity was 5.

It works with other patches, but no with organ.

Organ works as expected in other tracks (at least in bass track).

Any idea what can be wrong here?

Organs (pipe, portativ, Hammond, etc) don’t have key velocity ITRW, relying on the swell (volume) pedal or stop/drawbar selection for dynamics at the organist’s discretion, so was this a TE “bug” or “feature” on the chord track? For the other tracks they made the concession to use velocity since they are monophonic?

Just a thought,

It looks like a weird behaviour for me. For example, the lead track has polyphony too and organ engine works on it.