Organelle as USB MIDI host

I know a few of you have, or are getting, an Organelle. FYI, this funky little blue box can act as a USB MIDI host if you can’t use a computer / iOS device / iconnect MIDI box or Kenton USB host box or similar. Really flexible routing possibilities too:

To use this you must have Beta OS 3.1 installed, details here:

I’ve been happily sequencing my OP1 using my Circuit this morning with this setup.

Cool, thanks !

That’s it… I’m not angry at any of you for the GAS. Nope. Not mad.

I’m surprised they weren’t using ALSA from the beginning. IDK how people feel about it, but anything else has been a huge disappointment for me.

I’m glad they’re still putting work into it. Since it’s a Linux box, I’m very tempted to install a MIDI sequencer of some kind on it. So many possibilities.