Ortho Remote BLE-midi compatibility?

I just got an Ortho Remote from B&H to use as a bluetooth remote for my computer and phone and also as a knob to use in Logic when making music. The general bluetooth connectivity is perfect and instant but the BLE-midi isn’t being recognized by any ios device (in garage band per the instructions in TE’s videos) or by my Macbook Pro (also according to the instructions in TE’s videos and the Ortho Remote manual).

As I understand it, I should be able to use the remote to control Logic, Ableton, etc…

Does anyone have any insight on this?

Technical Info:
The bluetooth explorer app from Apple’s developer tools says the remote is BLE compatible.
The model is “TE008AS001A”.
The box it came in said ©2014 on it and if I’m not mistaken the BLE-midi feature is new to 2017. Is there a new version of the Ortho Remote that I need to get for this new functionality?

I appreciate any help
Your ortho remote most probably contains an older version of the firmware. Contact Teenage Engineering support at support@teenage.engineering for information on how to update it.

I sent an email to support to ask how to update my ortho remote but no reply yet (Wed 11 Feb 2018). Anyone know how long they take to answer, anyone managed to update their OR-1?

I did receive help from TE, updated the OR-1 and now it works fine as a MIDI controller. Maybe you should insist?

Yep I emailed them Wednesday but had no reply yet. Is it something someone can tell me how to do?

@bichuelo do you currently use it as a MIDI controller?

@kwilson did you manage to update the firmware and make it work?

@ONE Yes, they got in touch. Wrote a pure data patch to enable 14 bit midi NRPN, pretty cool.