OS Update Speculation

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@antlarock Just when I think my adventures in the music industry have beat me down, inspiration stikes! http://t.co/UhHtkiPGgM

And realized later I had never found it, but already existed. Was hoping for an updated effect in the new OS, guessing it was an LFO/synced filter (filter/lifter, the terrain on either side controlling the high and low pass, and the white the "amount"). Clearly I'm wrong, as this exists, but:

What updates do you want / think are coming in updated OS? Features only, let's hope they just fix the bugs quietly. :)

Check out the sound battle thread on this forum. They also mentioned it on their blog. TE is collecting sounds from users to be included in a new OS presumably coming out late summer. I don’t know if this will include new features, or just new presets and bug fixes. Something to look forward to.

I keep hoping that they can eventually make it so the loop points on the Sampler keep looping during the Release phase of the envelope. Right now, the sample playback leaves the loop during the Release phase which kills the ability of using the OP-1 with single cycle waves.

I do know TE is looking into the possibility :slight_smile:

But I think the big “feature” of this coming update is new presets. I hope they fix several bugs that have crept in to the OS lately.

I wish that TE could add some support for stereo line in. Perhaps just ability to pass the signal as stereo through effect and compressor, and record to album. This should not be too much change needed if the unit physically supports stereo in.

All i want and hope for is expanded midi control. I would like to control in, out, start, stop, ghost jump, mute, from my FCB1010 for a more fruit full live looping experience.

edit- also master effects to tape so i can use the onboard effects for my guitar and still record to tape.

I wrote quite a list in old opeewon forum:) But in these days i will be glad to store sequencer presets. Stereo would be great (even it means shorter sampling time i suppose). And more tape effects or looping options:)…btw there are no functions for pressing knobs yet, are they? Greetings to all!

Stored sequencer presets would be great.

In fact, I’d love to see much greater sequencer functionality. Four tracks of sequenced data that can be edited would be lovely. As much as I like the four track tape recorder, it’s always a bummer when I hit a wrong note and have to go in to edit that section.

I don’t really care for storing songs on the tape recorder either. Again, having a sequenced song that can be saved and loaded to be played just seems to make more sense to me.

I’d also like to see stored banks of presets. I know I can store my presets but I’d love to be able to have 8 sounds available that can be swapped out for another 8 sounds at any given moment instead of having to load up sounds into the 8 available slots.

I would love a normal ADSR envelope for the drum sampler. if you need to stop a drum sample before it ends, to say trigger it again in a drumroll, it will make a horrible clip. If we could have a normal envelope then you could make a nice quick decay to remedy this problem.

I dont ever see anyone else complain about this so I doubt it’ll happen.

Seems like some kind of “scales” mode would be easy to implement and not take much space. You know “force all notes to a certain scale”

I will never stop asking for the tuning on the sampler. Both semitones and milis. So easy, so useful :wink:

@Sparky: at the end of the day you have a hardware interface, I think the best thing to do is just use a scales cheat sheet. Do it enough times and you will know them by heart.

My hopes, maybe dull but a new synth engine and a new effect would be cool. A synth that doesn’t sound so overly digital. Though I would prefer expanding the step sequencer to at least 4 bars. Also find a damn use for the push encoders, I am dying to see in what way they will be used.
oo oo oo oo…A way to trigger any of the 8 patches with the sequencer or through midi

I think the Blackfin DSP will be hard-pressed to deliver the level of antialiasing required to not sound "overly digital."

I wonder if anyone else is working on an effect for TE, or was Magnus the last one? (CWO).

a bit OT, but just wanted to say HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THE GAME.

seriously. if I had known there’d be easter eggs, that would have been the first button combo I would have tried… XP

I forget about it sometimes, then I see someone mention it, I play it, and hate the world and all within it for the next several minutes as the controls are horrible lol…

…dedicated midi Area… maybe a routing screen for the oplab. to open up all in’s and out’s with your own signal flow.

I think we should be hoping for clean up and not feature advancement…

they should remove the patch limitation…

…if i click on your home banner on this site… iam signed out!

…clean up,tightness back!

3D mode. You heard it here first!