OT : Drum Machines with individual track length


Just wondering what standalone drum machines can play different individual track lengths?

I know the Machinedrum and Monotribe can, as well as Nanoloop for touch devices, but are there any other?

Was hoping that the new electribes could toggle on/off active steps like the monotribe cuz i see a “step jump” button, but after reading the manual it seems it doesn’t.


The Machinedrum can’t do individual track lengths but I want to say you can fenagle it with some kind of trick, only the Octatrack and later machines can do it officially. And the Octatrack is great in the role of a drum machine if you want it to be, but so is the A4 and obviously AR.

The new electribes let you change when the last step occurs, and has that skip step thing, but I don’t know that you can set a 'master length like on the Octatrack.

The LXR can do different lengths, too. And step probability, ftw.

Oh whoops i was somehow convinced the MD could and the OT couldn’t… i stand corrected thanks

About the Electribe, where did you get the information about the skip step thing?
I went back to the manual and the only info i could find was on page 12 but it’s kind of confusing and i’m not sure if i understand correctly

Also the Volca beats/sample seem to have that feature but i can’t figure out if it affects individual tracks or the whole pattern

Quote from electribe manual :

2. Step edit

  1. Select a part to record.

  2. Press the Sequencer button to illuminate the button.

  3. Press the step button to select the recording length. You can
    check the length by looking at the number of red LEDs.

  4. A pattern of selected part is indicated by illumination of the
    trigger pad. Note switches between ON (lit) and OFF (dark)
    each time the trigger pad is pressed.

TIP The note number that is input by pressing the trigger pad

is C4 (60) in the default setting. Turning ON again after
turning OFF the step that has been already input turns ON
with the original note.

TIP You can also record patterns during playback by pressing
Play/Pause button.

TIP You can select Step Edit on the edit menu to enable de-
tailed editing per each step. Refer to the “Parameter
Guide” for detail.

sorry it’s officially called Step Jump, when the button is lit and you press a step button it jumps there. They mention swiping it from the Volcas on the site.

MFB Tanzbär does individual step lengths per instrument/sound!