OT: Just moved to Portland!

Hello fellow ops!

Sorry for being off topic, but I just moved out to Portland a few days ago. Made it just in time to catch Devonwho at Mississippi Studios! Fantastic show.

Anyways, I know there are a few portland natives on this forum, so I thought I’d ask what do I need to know about this town? What sights should I check out? I’m currently staying around the Mississippi area, so I already stopped by Control Voltage and had some fun. Where else should I go? What venues or music blogs should I check out? Any upcoming shows I should pay attention to? And of course, I’m always down for some OP-1 jam seshs!

Do you like beer? Coffee?

Albina Press is close to that area of Mississippi serving up nice cold brew and espresso drinks with outdoor picnic tables for your OP-1 time.

Ah great! I’ll have to check that place out, it’s just a few blocks away from me. As for breweries, what do you recommend?

I like hair of the dog and burnside. I think Monday is $3 beers at burnside, pretty cool picnic table area. Cascade and Upright are super cool if you like something a bit different like sour and fruit ales. Hopworks and migration are also cool. Check out Apex if you feel like a little bike ride. Not a brewery, but they have an awesome selection and the Mexican place next door is really good. There used to be a place called Amnesia right on Mississippi… Too bad it’s gone. I’d hang out with you, but I don’t live in Portland, just used to visit a friend. It’s an awesome city with really nice people.

Control Voltage is an absolutely sweet synth shop. Jason, the owner, has been incredibly helpful as I’ve pursued modular synth stuff the last couple years. Definitely check it out!