OT: SP-404SX help

Any SP404SXperts out there? I just got one and I’m having some problems with the pattern sequencer. Example: I have 2 bar drum loop set to loop mode. I try to record it to a 4 bar pattern, but when it loops the sample cuts out. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips for pattern creation? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

i almost never use the pattern sequencer. resample method is much more fun to me.

but i think whats oging on is, u have your 2 bar drum sample set to loop on? when u trigger it the first time it plays, but when u trigger it again it turns off. this is just how loop mode works (first press, your sample will play and loop infinitely, second press turns off pad). u prob want to turn loop mode off, and just trigger it again at 2 bars.