Other interfaces usb in/usb host than OPLAB ? if not where can i buy one in europe/france ?

Hi everyone, i would like to control my op1 with an usb midi keyboard ( only usb out ) and i was wondering if i need an interface as the oplab to do it or i can simply connect my usb keyboard straight into the usb op1 with a cable usb to usb ?

If i cannot do it and i need an interface, can you tell give me an online store to buy it since i could`t find the oplab on the official website and i cannot find any online/physical store here in Lyon, France.

Or other usb to usb interfaces ?


I use iConnectivity iCM4+ which is a super midi interface, plus audio pass thru for iOS and comps (3 way audio for software devices).
A new range is out by them which is cheaper and smaller spec - mio .
Not sure which one can do USB to USB hosting ,but their smallest can do 5pin din to USB I think.
The iCM4+ that I use may be overkill for a small set up.