Panning and Lift to tape issues.

So Ive been an op1 owner for a little over a year now and must say that I love the machine and everything that Ive found it to do so far. I have primarily used in while Ive been in school to learn music theory on, and its been a godsend. I went from knowing nothing about music theory to now being able to play all the scales, chords am now beginning to compose my own songs. However I have discovered 2 problems with my unit that I am looking to get some clarification on. The first issue comes from the mixer screen and involves panning. Now when I turn the knob Im expecting the sound to be panned in the stereo field, however what I seem to get is a a reduction in volume as I turn left and an increase as I turn right… This dosnt seem right to me… The second issue I am having comes from “dumping to tape” in the manual on page 13 section 5.8 it stats that: “Use the LIFT key while in synthesizer or drum mode, then switch to tape, Locate empty storage space on the tape and press the drop key. The sound will now be converted to sound data” This is all fine and works like a charm. However the sound that I always end up dropping onto tape sounds like a transformer raping a garbage can. Now this is fine, because I love glitchy bass music, but Im not sure if thats the sound it should be dropping when the sound I lifted to drop was pretty much a pure sine wave from the FM synth… If anyone has any thoughts or trouble shooting ideas Id love to hear them.



when you lift from a synth and drop to Tape, you’re storing a preset, it’s raw data and so sounds like how you describe.

As for panning, mine doesn’t do that. I press shift+turn knob and that track is heard more in the left or right side depending on knob direction.

The panning issue may have to do with the cable you’re using. If you’re using a mono cable out of the OP-1 what you described would happen. Make sure you’re using a stereo (TRS) cable coming out of the line out jack.

@krism Thanks for the quick reply. I just went over my audio interface and turns out I accidentally had my left channel turned off. D: other then feeling a little stupid, Im glad my op1’s not broken. Thanks again for the clarification on the raw sound data.

@sammyjams Good looking out, That was pretty much the problem, lol.