Panning issues

Hi, Im trying to record my OPZ into ableton, i have it running out of the 3.5mm output w/ an adapter (1/8’’ in → 2 Stereo 1/4’’ outs) which then runs into inputs 1 and 2 of my mixer as a stereo pair. However when i try to pan a track on the OPZ all that happens is it decreases in volume, but remains in the center. Does anyone know how to combat this? Ive read about this problem in one of the many mixing/recording books in my room but i dont remember what it is called nor how to handle it :sweat_smile: please help!


yer problem could be either in the 2 stereo 1/4" out cable.
u would want a 1/8" stereo to 2 MONO 1/4" outs i would think.
your stereo cable may just be splitting the stereo signal to 2 jacks not separating the left and right

or maybe u don’t have the stereo channel 1/2 setup in ableton?

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i had the stereo channel 1/2 set up in ableton. i ended up fixing the issue by turning the level of the left and right tracks all the way down on my interface, and hard panning the tracks in ableton left and right. once i did that it solved the issue. still trying to understand why it worked though lol. thanks!