Pattern sequencer wishlist

The Pattern sequencer lacks two features that other rhythm sequencers have: an accent track and the open/closed hi-hat gate (where the closed hi-hat cuts off the open hi-hat sound).

It would also be really cool if one could use the keyboard to set the steps, with the first 16 keys corresponding to the 16 beats. A knob would allow you to select different drum samples and you would press the keys to turn on/off the steps.

Yeah op can Def be pretty clunky for sequencing. Also really wish it had a sequencer metronome and tempo multiplier/division options…

I really wish they’ll make Pattern sequence length longer than one page. 64 steps (elektron-style) would be ultra cool.

+1 for 64 length !

All of the above… plus:

Copy & Paste between the different sequencers would be awesome… e.g. between FINGER and PATTERN.

w/ finger its very easy to get longer/evolving sequences. make a few pattern variations and use join + some other percussion loops to go on the top. play your patterns. viola