Performance of Operator One Forum website


The site has been running incredibly slowly for many weeks.

It’s getting to the point where it’s so frustrating and unresponsive that users (including myself) may end up not using it.

That would be a great pity.

I understand that the site is free to use and some kind person is probably hosting it for free. Thanks for that! We appreciate it. However, could something be done config-wise within the limitations of the existing hosting arrangement and without incurring a load of cost?

Feel free to let me know if I’m the only one noticing this as a problem :slight_smile:


I’m experiencing the same. It seems to be faster when not logged in, probably related read-state of articles.

There might be some cleaning to do, don’t you think ?

There are already 49 pages of threads…
Do you think there could be a way to archive them somewhere ?

I personally don’t notice any loading issue, view on a combination of Android Tablet (not the quickest, Galaxy Tab 2) on my work PC.

Yes, it’s excruciatingly slow, even with my workplace’s as-fast-as-you-can-get connection.

Yea, it’s exceptionally slow for me. No other site takes this long to load pages.

If the generous person responsible for hosting this forum needs some assistance with its management, there’s probably people here with enough web-savvy to try to troubleshoot. Or perhaps we could even transition to another forum platform like the recently mentioned Discourse.

I want to say that @dimi3 did something a few weeks ago, either a site upgrade or server maintenance. The mention here should ping him, but I’ll fire off a message to see if he can tell what’s up.

Thanks @KrisM


load problem I am looking at.

connection is fast db is fine, seem to be in the vanila code

I had a quick look.

There is a latency of 5-6 seconds each time a new page is requested and the initial request is made to index.php. Subsequent to that all the other asynchronous resource loads operate with acceptable latency. Some of these subsequent resource requests throw a not found error, but that is not what’s causing the problem.

Therefore, I believe this is a misconfiguration issue as opposed to an overloaded server. It appears that we have a case of a synchronous blocking task somewhere in the background each time index.php is loaded for a client thread.

I’d look at the APC configuration, the database resource configuration, the plugins being loaded and that appropriate resources are pre-compiled.


yeah it is actually up to 11 sec.

it is a DB proplem we need to add APC we dont have it and it is weird we lasted this long…

yeah it is actually up to 11 sec.

it is a DB proplem we need to add APC we dont have it and it is weird we lasted this long....

“explain” those queries?

if everything seems fine on the db end, it might be a network problem - some dns somewhere might be trying for a response or to resolve an address…
no piece of realistic php would lag for 10 seconds rendering a simple forum, opcode cache or not.