Photomatic freezing

Im having problems with the Photomatic app freezing. It gets unresponsive to buttons on OP-Z, and the pictures dont show up when choosing Roll in the app.

I have updated the firmware, did a factory reset, reinstalled the app, and it still freezes the same way. It does work for a while after a factory reset, but then it gets unresponsive again.

Does anyone know if there is anything I can do about, or if there are things I have overlooked?

It happens to me also, sometimes. after changing patterns.
It gets stuck on roll 9. Close and open the app helps.

And today it freezes all the time. It won’t let me play the pictures with the keyboard and the sequence doesn’t play. Whats going on?

Solved it. Accidentily i put the op-1 in midi sync to op-z while op-z was midi out to op-1, that messed the midi page in the op-z .
Now it is back to normal.

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Yes! Thank you! Seems to be a midi issue for me also.
It works fine when I have midi in and clock in enabled, and clock out and midi out disabeled.
If I enable midi out and clock out it freezes again.
It dosen matter if it is connected to outside midi or just used standalone on battery.
Maybe its a bug?

Just to complete the question, Photomatic works as long as midi in is enabled :slight_smile: