please help me install XLR option on my Restyler ???

I bought the Symmetrical output kit to mount in my Restyler... but there's no guide on how to do it... not a single picture with an arrow pointing to the right spots on the PCB... I don't even know if I have to disassemble the main board to do it.... :o(

anybody tried this ?

can you give me a step by step guide on how to do it ??

Best regards


this option?

looks like just a pair of three-pin headers fed to the pins of the xlr themselves. look on the board for two sets of three vertical metal pins in a row, probably nearby to the other inputs/outputs at the back of the device.

thanx… got a little help on Elektronauts as well… tried to connect - but there was no sound from XLR’s… plugged TRS’ in again…one channel had dropped 6db…now I’m tied up at work for 3 days… will switch the 2 plugs around…maybe that was just it… but - no time till Sunday!!

got a mail from (S)Herman… the 2 identical cables on the XLR boards are really NOT identical… 1 carries the signal, the other is Power… plugging them the wrong way around will not harm the board…just doesn’t work… I got it right on second attempt, and everything works perfectly now

nice one!