PO-12 Noisy output?

Hi everybody,

I just picked up a po-12 and po-16. The po-12 has some hiss on the output I was wondering if others have experienced this or if I might have a bad unit. It’s not terrible but definitely noticeable. It doesn’t seem to be present on the internal speaker, just the headphone out.

Do you mean when nothing is playing?

Hi punji,

Yes, when it first turns on there is no noise, once I start a pattern you can hear the hiss under the pattern, then if you pause it the hiss is still there.

I checked my PO-12 output using earbuds, no hiss, not even on high volume levels.

Are you using fresh batteries?

Have you tried taking the batteries out and back in again? I had same problem with a new PO 12 and that fixed it

Cheers Paul

Yeah, brand new, just synced the two up and the hiss went away, even when I plug the headphones in now. May I wasn’t plugged in all the way. Thanks for checking. I can’t wait to incorporate these with my volcas. I’m really impressed at what these little guys can do for such a low price.

Hey, new here to the board guys.

I had the same problem with my brand new PO-12. It was a humming white noise kind of sound. I returned it and the new one didn’t produce what you were experiencing. I think its a faulty unit. after the new unit, perfect sound.