PO-12 Problems with Effects and Swing

Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone else here has issues with their PO-12 when applying certain effects? For instance I’ll program in the drum sounds then when I try to use certain effects like the vibrato (16) for instance it will just record a terrible, grating scratching sound over my drum track. Also sometimes the stutter effects (9 + 10) don’t work and instead of stutter it just lowers the volume on the beats it’s applied to. Delay (4) Sometimes doesn’t really work or sounds like shit as well. I am also having trouble changing the swing to the tempo. I hold down the bpm button and turn the “A” knob and it does nothing. Does anyone know how to fix these issues? It’s way past the return date for the thing at this point so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I can tell you that some of the POs don’t have “swing” control, like the PO-14. The other stuff unfortunately I am not sure but it doesn’t sound like it’s doing too hot.