PO-16 Play Button Not Working (help?)

Had my PO-16 for a couple weeks now and all of a sudden the play button is acting up. Anyone had a similar issue and fixed it?

1. Was playing patterns and PO-16 got stuck playing. Pushing the button did not stop play.
2. Took out the batteries to get it to stop
3. Batteries back in but now play button no longer works

I have tried replacing with fresh batteries and making sure there is good contact. The button still appears to push fine but nothing triggers.

Any ideas? Not sure what else to try!

Try shorting with a wire the bottom left and bottom right terminals of the play key. If that works then the key is broken. If it doesn’t then the circuit is most likely fault.

Thanks for the suggestion. Works with other keys but not play so I guess it is the circuit. Suppose I’ll be returning this little guy :frowning: