PO-20 fire?

Take a look at this. I just went to get some patch cables and saw my PO-20 looking like it had a leak. However upon close inspection it seems that the screen has melted from the top right. The batteries are fine so this certainly something to keep an eye on - and take your batteries out.

The PO is under a year old so I’m going to raise this with Amazon but I’m also going to send the pics to TE themselves as this could be pretty dangerous. Thankfully mine are on hooks in a rack so away from anything flammable.

Has this been reported before?

edit - support case opened with TE and a replacement from amazon on the way.

OMG, I have not seen something like this before! Thanks for the warning. :astonished:

And I just clicked this thread, because I thought, it´s about the band arcade fire.

Ha arcade fire :slight_smile:

TE sent me a message today so they’re investigating it as well.

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I came to learn about a fire, and then was reminded to listen to Arcade fire, thanks!

I wonder if this was a simple short along exposed contacts. If so, it was bound to happen to someone eventually.

Might be worth it to TE to start putting a clear coat on the exposed pins and let DIYers scratch it away as needed.