PO 30 speculation/wish list

So, with TE’s announcement that the 30 series is the last. What would you like to see in the final series of pocket operators?

Some sort of microsampler would be ace, but i don’t think that would fit with the PO’s M.O.

I’d like a PO-31 Composer which is a real Swiss army knife for composers:

- Drum “highlights” from PO-12 Rhythm
- Chords, drones & multi-FX functionality from the PO-20 Arcade
- Melody/lead tracks (1 live and 1 sequenced) - with glides from the PO-28 Robot and sound “highlights” from PO-28 Robot, PO-20 Arcade, PO-16 Sub, PO-14 Factory
- Chromatic note selection