PO-33 K.O! Beat Tape just released on Bandcamp :)

Hi fam,

I just released a beat tape made with the powerful PO-33 K.O! sampling vinyl records, field recordings from Japan, VHS videos, OP-1, SP 303 lost soundz and weird muzak. All drums are made with PO-12, PO-32 - glitches from the almighty Office! :slight_smile:

Limited cassette release with 05 different colors chosen by the Random Cat ˆ_ˆ on Bandcamp:

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Nice work. Sitting listening to this in Nagoya, Japan with my new KO-33 next to me. Very impressive.

I’m loving this album! Very inspiring! This will hold me over until I get my own K.O.!

yo this is really fresh… super bummed I missed the tape

Beautiful, it’s very inspiring hearing such a cool project made with a K.O.