PO Battle Nr.2 - Heavyweight


@RisingSon said:
@aeoner sure…since the page was down. let’s say until the 30th :slight_smile:
Great, that the forum is back.


@RisingSon do you want to make a soundcloud playlist in the end, with all the entries?


@flom Sure can do…only problem is @oliodnb didn’t post on soundcloud…don’t want to leave anybody out :slight_smile:


@aeoner where ya at ? :wink:


The battle is officially over. @flom do you know how is this voting-business usually done? :slight_smile:
Thanks to @apapdop @yota0002 @flom @oliodnb for participating.
How about one of you guys sets up the rules for the next battle?


@RisingSon usually there is a new thread for the voting, with all the entries (a SoundCloud playlist is nice). Everyone can give there vote and comments until a certain point. The one with the most votes wins and sets the rules for the next battle.


@flom I’m having trouble with my soundcloud. I can add a song to a playlist, by creating a new playlist. When clicking on the next song that I want to add it doesn’t show me an option for selecting the existing playlist. Only to create a new one again!?
Would you mind making the playlist, please?


@RisingSon here is the playlist in the order of entry.


Do you want to make a new thread and add the entry of @oliodnb ?


@flom @oliodnb @yota0002 @apapdop
Voting starts here: