PO Battle Nr.2 - Heavyweights (VOTING)

These are all the entries for the second PO-Battle.
Let us know, which song you vote for by writing a comment

Here are the links, enjoy!
Fighter Riddim

@flom having trouble again.
I can’t put the soundcloud link here without it showing the player. Could you help out please?

Have to vote for @flom Fight for Maria -Excellent use of a sampler.Love that.

Shame @oliodnb wasn’t on the final SC playlist. Hope all voters get a chance to listen to that aswell here…

My vote goes to @yota0002

Hi guys, I made a soundcloud so for the next battle It’ll be easier to put everything together.
Anyway my vote goes to @flom

Great, thank you!

Doh. Thought i’d voted, but obviously not. Rising Son gets my vote, but it was a tough, tough choice. Good job people, good job…