there are many options for 1k. volva modular + 0-Coast + Neutron , all together would cost the price you mention. There is the Phenol for 1k i think…


ps. actually the phenol has come down in price…750…


wanted to let you guys know that this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BV8WKCP/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 adapter comes with a barrel adapter that fits the PSU exactly and works. That adapter is the wrong polarity however


AE Modular or Behringer Neutron (as a semi modular gateway) teamed with a Beatstep would be my budget suggestions.


If you get a power supply then you won’t have the PSU issues, it only happens with batteries, the filter slew isn’t really that much of an issue when modulating the filter IMHO.

It is a really nice sounding system and a good entry point to modular, it isn’t perfect but it certainly is a lot of fun and nice and compact, I don’t regret buying mine, I think TE will sort the battery power issue.


Damn also have the same issue with the battery pack whine…

@skeletonmeat are you recommending that adapter you linked or did you need to buy a separate adapter that had the correct polarity?


I finally got the external power to work. It indeed was just a matter of getting the correct plug.

I bought this one from amazon and it worked without any problems:



Finally got a response from TE with an RMA… we’ll see if anything happens now

Update: Got a shipping notification for a replacement PSU. From the turnaround time, it’s almost certainly going to have the same issues, so I’ll stick to wall-powered.


Power in mine is acting funny because its tip is not 1.7mm and that’s what it says in the manual.
It will stay on only if propped in the proper position and any moving of the modular too much and
it turns off. I was going to mod mine and just put a 4ms row power in it and see if that changes
everything. At least I could keep the power on if I did this mod.

Does anybody know the -12 mA draw? it says 350 for the 12v somewhere in the forum but is that
for both the +and- 12?

I will document the mod process I do and share it when I finish.


So I did the mod…
http://www.outofthebag.org on the DIY page is the step by step I did.

So much better.


very cool! … is it that easy?


drilling was a breeze. It took about 30 minutes,
and a solder gun, a drill, a power supply, and a multimeter.


Nice work @josepailo I also made a temporary PSU solution for mine.

For reference for anyone wanting to do similar the busboard/psu connector is 2.54mm pitch, the red wire is +12v, black wire is ground, white wire is -12v.

Don’t get the wires wrong or you might blow something, I always double check before applying power.


Will pretty much any euro PSU work? Any power Params to be aware of?


its just +12 -12 and ground. I would take a meter and test their TE power supply to remember
what pins are what, but yea its really simple. I didn’t check the mA draw, but the supply
I am using is +12 780mA and -12 285mA and there is 5v on my supply but the PO Mod
doesn’t use 5v.

hope this helps.


pardon my ignorance
how do you listen to your 400, since we are not supposed to plug headphones directly?


If you turn the volume all the way down and then use a speaker that is one way.
Another is plug it into a Eurorack Mixer that has line level outs that’s another.
You can also use something like a Volca Mix to mix it with other instruments.

It is very loud level out so you just have to turn the mixer all the way down and turn up slowly.
If you go too far it can damage speakers and mixers that don’t have enough head room.


thanks a lot josepailo
I don’t mean to insist, but:
if we turn the volume very low, and then use headphones, is it still not possible?

inserting the line out into e.g. an OP-1 should be all right, since OP-1 has level. Correct?


It’s mono throughout so you would only hear on one side of you headphones instead of both. That’s why a Volca Mix or any mixer that turns mono to stereo helps. You could just plug headphones in Extremely Low Volume but it will only come out of the left headphone


thanks again… very appreciated