PO Pitch Bend

So TE posted a picture of an easy mod to change the pitch, which is the one thing separating the POs from “toys” to real instruments, as it will give users the much wanted detune and absolute control over the pitch of the sound. From the TE website:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.41.03 PM
Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.40.02 PM
From their description:
"this project demonstrates how you can control the potentiometers. a resistive pressure sensor is wired to potentiometer A. potentiometer B is replaced with a fixed resistor, and the wire stand is used to short the potentiometer.
when you press the PO, the wire stand makes contact to the pads on top, which are connected to two pads on the bottomas well, and will switch the value read from the potentiometer from 0% and 100%"

I'm no electrical engineer but I'm guessing Potentiometer B was removed to give space for the pressure sensor setup?
Could someone please clarify how the fixed resistor set up works, if it has an ulterior motive other than creating space?
So assuming we can ignore the setup of Pot B, we can connect the output of Pot A to the input of a third pot, and connect the output of that one to the ground pin of Pot A.. following the scheme of the fixed resistor. Or do we just connect the output of the the third pot back to the path of the middle pin of Pot A?

Here is my plan, probably wrong:


I am going to experiment with different combinations on the PO-14 Sub and post results. Also going to add pots with alligator wires to random places in hopes of discovering a cool effect.

On a different note, I dropped my PO-20 Arcade and the screen cracked and it doesn't turn on anymore. Going to open it and see if there is any way to fix it / extract useful materials to maybe add to another PO to make a super fusion SubCade operator. Any suggestions in that area would also be much appreciated :)