PO syncing

So I managed to chain all 3 POs together and got the master to play the other 2. So I’m annoyed at the audio click in one headphone and mono audio in the other. This is what I thought would happen but is there anyway to get around the click? And also, I don’t normally sync synths together so I have no idea what I’m doing. I can’t hear the master when I sync them together just the other 2 units. Is this normal? I’m also assuming I will need a split cable from the master output so I don’t get the audio click in my ear?

You are probably setting the sync modes wrong or not using stereo cables if you can’t hear the master PO or get the sync click in the final audio out. Check the manual. You should get a final audio signal with all 3 POs in stereo (though same audio in both l and r) and no audible click.

Did you set the last one in the chain to SY4?

Thanks guys figured it out. To chain them correctly its master s1>s5>s4. At least this worked for me. Also, does the last slave control the volume for all 3? And should all volumes be set to the same number?