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This is my latest PO-32 jam. Still love this machine (and microtonic).

i’ve been out of the community for a couple of months cause my job really hit me and now i’m back (i hope) with a new video. this isn’t a regular jam, this is a weird one and i wonder if it’s something you find at least entertaining.

I decided, somewhat spontaneously, to stream an improvised pocket operator session, making everything up 100% on the spot. It turned out better than I expected! It goes from minimal tech to ambient IDM in just under an hour…


PO-32 with custom microtonic kit
PO-33 with samples from Nord Lead
Behringer RV600
Behringer EM600

Sunday PO33 Beat

Made another beat on my PO-33 :smiley:


a mid 90’s Jungle sound


@hardscore said:
a mid 90’s Jungle sound


Absolutely love this, I definitely should try make some amen based tune too.
Great job man.

Cheers oliodnb, i didnt expect it to be so easy dealing with sampling / cutting up the breaks. Once i’ve got my backup / restore working think i might go for a pure amen track next :smiley:

@hardscore Did you chop the drums on your K.O. or did you sample already chopped amens?

@oliodnb i recorded a standard loop of Amen from a record into my pc & trimmed it to loop correctly, I then sampled it into the PO drum section, the po then chopped it up but i re-adjusted a few of the trim points to let some parts play on extra rather than just small little snippets. That was about it really, just made sure i sampled from my record at the correct bpm i was going to use on the PO.

A bit of a trick, playing at half bpm to gain double the pattern time.


Hello again!
Did another ”project”, covering Depeche Mode’s ”It’s Called a Heart” using a PO-33 and 35. Lots of tricks and practicing applied, so there is a big background and behind-the-scenes in the beginning:


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the a4mkii is the star here, but the po-24 is doing some perc work

(i don’t always find a place for the po-24 but when i do it’s dope)
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Made this one several months ago, but never linked it here. Anyway, I screamed the lyrics of Hatari’s “Hatrid mun sigra” into an PO-35 and programmed the backing tracks on a Elektron Digitone. Then manually trigged the lyric snippets (sometimes playing legato and using different effect modes to get noise or vocoder-like singing).