Pocket operator sync splitter

Hi everyone, noob question here…I’m playing with some pocket operator, Korg nts1 and launch key mini, very funny indeed.
Right now the gears are connected with trs audio jacks cables in ‘‘order’’ or ‘‘sequence’’ (I don’t know how to call it sorry): launch key mini to nts1 (midi out > midi in) nts1 to po 14, po 14 to po 133, po 133 to nts1 audio in and the nts1 audio out to speakers.
The po’s sync are settled in order to receive clock from the previous machine and send clock and audio to the next.

I would like to add a bastl dude mini mixer to send each gear audio out to it’s own channel but I’m stuck thinking how to sync the machine between them…

What about a jack splitter like this:
(3.5mm Cavo Splitter Mini Jack da 1 a 2 3 4 5 maschio a porte audio orecchio donna telefono | eBay)

If I take the sync out from nts1 to the splitter’s line in is it possible to use jack cables to send the clock from all the splitters outs to the pocket operators sync in? it would works? what kind of cable I need? ts or trs?

sorry for the neophyte question and my English …

any reply will be highly appreciated

many thanks