Polyrhythmic / step component query

Polyrhythmic /step component limitation ?!

Hi OP-Z lovers!

Please advise if there is a possibility to program one track to play polyrhythm that cycles in more then 16 steps, for example 4:5





Using step component trigger function I could accomplish bar 1 & 4 —— set track length to 5 steps and trigger step [5] every first bar from 4 bars, also for bar 4 —— trigger step [2] every 4th bar from 4 bars… but unfortunately could not find the way to do the same for bar 2&3, where step [4] had to be played every 2nd from 4 bars, and step [3] every 3rd from 4 bars (you can chose to play 1 from 4, 1-2-3 from 4, 2-3-4 from 4 or 4 from 4…)

May be there is some easier way and I overthink a bit…miss something…and make it too complicated…??:man_shrugging:t2:

i don’t fully understand you question. How ever I feel you frustration. Evry time I feel limited by the step components that “trigger” stuff. I combine this combination set note-( volume-step-component at 0 and set trigering-step-component at different value usually uneven number so that it will create even longer triggering pattern) image|618x291

No frustration) enjoy my little beast) just want to know if there is more easy way to accomplish polyrhythm…
The question is how to program a polyrhythm on one track that is longer than 16 steps… I gave 20 step (4:5) example. I would be able to do it by programming 2 & 3rd bar to trigger their notes -step [4] & [5] in my example only every 2nd and 3rd bar from 4 bars (but this option is not available, when press step component - 4, there are options to trigger every 4th bar from 4 ; 1st from 4; 1-2-3 … from 4 and 2-3-4 from…! No way to make it 2 from 4 or 3 from 4)
I thought there should be some way to do it or may be I just need to post this as a recommendation for OS update…?! Let’s see…

Could you change the track length? Or use a jump component to add steps to a track?

I changed track length, but was not able to program 2nd & 3rd bar to play 2from4 & 3from4
Jump component works, thanks! But can be used for short polyrhythms, once it cycles for more than 32 steps you will again face the limitation and complexity I described in the beginning…
No problem, will add these request in recommendation for update.