Popping Sound when using Album Playback

Hi, I recently started my journey with the OP-1, but I am facing a concern regarding the Album Playback.

When I record anything into the Album’s A or B side (Including literally nothing) and then press play to listen to the playback, I consistently hear a popping now at the end of the playback. I have tried resetting the device and use the latest firmware, but it does not help. Is this problem with the Album Playback normal, and if not, how could I fix it?

Thank you!

is your sound just stopping abruptly when u end playback?
maybe try like a little fade out at the end or something
or is it popping over silence at the end?

i dunno i dont use album much

Unfortunately, the latter. There is popping over silence, and it gets worse if something was also played before it. It also shows up in the aif file, so I don’t know what is going on. I really hope I don’t need to take it in for repair.

i know u said u tried a factory reset
but if u haven’t def try that

have u also trying hte format drive option?
and the reinstall firmware?

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I performed a FR and also reformated the drive (unless I did it wrong which I doubt), so I don’t know what it could be. I contacted TE support yesterday, but I am not expected much from what I have heard from this forum. I really hope this is not a big issue and can be resolved.

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Hi Elwood,
Do you mean the poppong at the very end of the recording? I have noticed this in my own recordings and also sometimes in entries in battle contests. I think its a minor bug in every op1 and happens mainly if you record a soft ending on a previous loud recording.
What I usely do is cut the last bit in a daw, or just leave it as a ‘fingerprint’ typical for an op1 to album recording.
You could also delete the album files while your op1 is connected to the clmputer and when you restart the device it will create a new, blank album. If my logic is correct than that will prevent the popping.

All the best,
Rock soul

Thank you for the tips. This could be the issue, how ever the popping appears on every recording of the album, even if I do consecutive empty ones with no sound. I also did try the file delete trick, but it sadly did not work. If it is a common glitch, then I will just except it, but I feel that I may have it worse than others. Than you again for your help!

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