PO's Sync problems

I have problems to sync my 3 PO’s. I have connected them with a MS-20 cable set. The first 2 PO have also an Y-adapter, one line goes to the 6 channel mixer from darenager and one to the next PO. I’ve tried any sync modus but nothing seems to function. Even when I try to connect a KORG Volca Sample and the 3 PO’s there’s the same problem. The last PO unit makes sound and the other 2 only silence. What I’m doing wrong? Maybe the wrong cable? I have also an Oplab. Would that be a better way to connect and if yes, how? I really hope, someone of you guys can help me. :slight_smile:

hey Kono, would you please Test this one out?

Major Bug PO-14 Sub

thx buddy.

if you have an oplab use mode 5 ‘Jacksync’ it’s really cool.

you can read the new Oplab manual for that. TE’s website.

@Kono77: when you say “connected them with a MS-20 cable set”, are you talking about the cables that ship with the MS-20 Mini? If so, those won’t work - you need stereo cables.

that’s right @5starnomad.

Ok… I’ve bought some stereo cables. Now it works fine. Thx for your help. :wink: