Possible to tune individual patches?

Is it possible to tune individual synth or sampled patches on the OP-1. Having searched for a while, the only related information I have found is shift + metronome, but that seems to be global tuning for the entire OP-1?

While you are correct in that the tuning under shift-metronome is global, it does NOT affect previously recorded material on the tape or album.

i have used it on patches that weren’t A-440 tuned to match “correct” ones recorded on the tape. Same method if overdubbing that out of tune patch live as tape is recording to album.

Hope that helps!

You can tune individual drum samples (per key) using the blue encoder (the ‘note’ symbol).

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Yes, not as convenient as storing tuning info into individual patches, but I guess it is a decent workaround. Thanks!

Yes, but I want to tune my melodic samples! But thanks for your reply!

You can always dump them into a computer and use a sound editor (e.g., Audacity) and bring them back into the OP-1…

Yes, I guess it could be worth it if I get samples that I know I will want to reuse several times. Thanks again!

I think, that using the resample method it the most common solution: sample into your drum sampler tune/pitch and record the sound. Resample that tuned/pitched sound into your synth sampler.

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Didn’t think of that possibility - thanks!