Post your latest purchase (audio related)

I’ve spent the last 35 years sequencing things via midi or groove boxes. I just got to the point where I wanted to simply sit and play an instrument that could cover sounds I’d not traditionally been interested in. I’m not a keyboard player by any stretch of the imagination but over those years, from Scratching on 2 turntables, to using Wavedrums and other synth based hand percussion, to melody being key in my techno compositions, I’ve found myself able to translate some accumulated skills into playing the Osmose in a not too shabby way. And the added Bonus when using an MPE keyboard is that you’ll always be learning/adapting to its enhanced mechanics. At this time I think it’s one of the key purchases I’ve made in those 35 years.

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Just got my op-z :smiley:

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just got my tx-6 a few weeks ago along with a po-35 speak. the arsenal keeps growing.

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A Zulu SCSI drive for my Yamaha SU700 sampler. A game changer! I can also use it on the Ensoniq EPS sampler.

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Recent music purchases in reverse chronological order:
-1959 Geloso 256 compact reel-to-reel recorder. 65 years old, works 100%!
-Sony stereo reel to reel from late 70’s, three head, SOS and tape echo features. Was stuffed, spent an hour and works but needs more TLC
-TE POM-16 sequencer ($59 on their website!)
-Alesis Micron
-TE PO-20 Arcade (my only PO)
-Korg NTS-2
-Korg mini KP2S
-Behringer 2600 Grey Meanie, made a custom wooden case for it with patch cable drawer too
-Ensoniq TS-12
That’s back to about August. Can’t remember prior right now.

Megasynthesis… lots of fun

Mmmm. OK gearheads, here’s a sustainable take. I just repurposed an old Mackie 1202 mixer as my new no-input mixing instrument. :recycle: :notes: :zap:

Out of curiosity… Do you feel it’s “too late” to get an OP-Z? I’m planning to get one too as I don’t see other devices that do what it does and is portable like that.

Speaking as someone who bought an original OP-1 a decade after it came out I think you are fine, truly. Musical instruments rarely ever become fully obsolete, and if the workflow and capabilities match your style and needs you should go for it. I don’t have one, but the OP-Z is extremely powerful, especially for the form factor!


That’s very nice to hear… sometimes we get flooded by the latest and start thinking maybe stuff that is not that old isn’t worth anymore.

Seeing the updates to OP-1F I wouldn’t be upset if I had the OP-1… so I think same would happen to OP-Z.

The OP-Z packs a lot of functionality and is so portable that I really don’t see an alternative to it (other than the O1F which is insanely expensive) in the market. That would be great to make music on the go.

On one side I see that it’s been a loooong time since TE released a firmware update but on the other side, I don’t see much that could be added (of course we want everything) and the platform is pretty stable bug-wise.

Since I’ll be in the US in August, I still have time to see if something gets released this year but I think the OP-Z is a big candidate (also I hope it’s still available until then). I’ll also get a SP-404MK2 :slight_smile:

While the synths/sounds overlap a fair bit between the OP-1 and OP-Z, the actual way that you use the devices is quite a bit different. The OP-Z is a very competent sequencer, and in my mind has just enough complexity and “programability” that, especially given the size, compares very favorably with the Elektron sequencers. Where the OP-Z falls a bit short, is in longer than 1 bar loops, but if you are comfortable playing notes live and using quantize you can get quite long sequences working, have good parameter sequencing, and really create complete songs on the device.

The biggest drawback for me is just the amount of sampling time you have, but even with that constraint, the amount of sound packed into the OP-Z is quite impressive… and you can always sequence external gear with it over USB-C or the other modules, especially Line… which lets you use the tape effect quite seamlessly on external gear.

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That’s very nice to read… actually sampling is not something I worry too much on the OP-Z since I’ll be using the 404mk2 as well which is “made” for it …
One thing I’d love to hear is if you folks think the synth sounds/engines sound nice (apparently they do), not “toyish” and have plenty of options considering the portability? From what I’ve seen, it just lacks some FM engine (that would be killer)… :slight_smile:

I use the op-z as my sole means of making music and if you are curious I would recommend picking up a used one.

You can fix most things that might be wrong with it quite easily (if there are any).

I think the work flow on it isn’t for everyone but I honestly love it so much. Its so immediate so deep especially once you master step components.

It’s true that it doesn’t have the ability to make a track have, lets say 32 or 64 steps (like the electron devices are able to do) but with step components you can easily make a pattern up to 16 bars long and filled with all the complexity and resolution you could dream of. It’s just not as straight forward as most other sequencers.

Another thing I don’t see people talk about so much regarding the op-z is how amazing the fx sound. The bit crushing, the distortion and both reverbs sound absolutely lovely.

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I’m curious, what are your impressions of Osmose couple month in?

Bastl Bestie Mixer - I use it to run a Strega and 0-coast into the OP-Z. Nice distortion & compression, also useful to make the OP-Z drums more punchy and add some dirt via send fx/line module.