Posting pics, someone please help me

Hey ya’ll, I need a suggestion about posting pics. So I’ve been using my facebook account as the intermediary to post pics. But there has to be an easier way than posting all of my synth pics to facebook and then linking them here. I’ve tried flickr, but no joy. How can I put pics on here without everyone on the facebook universe seeing my pics and wasting my time putting construction pics on facebook first?

wait, ‘Attach a file’ or the pic icon doesn’t work for you?

^ pic icon is the leftmost one in the editor bar…

Well my friends, let me try… what that means is that I completely overlooked that icon. Let’s see if it works!


It works!!!

^ Is that a frog? :slight_smile:

Its a stylized pic I made, tried to make it resemble a fruit fly…


sweet, how did you guys make these? Looks like they were programmed/ computer generated.

@Kites weavesilk

@kites omnisketch on my iPad.

@Kites weavesilk

@xbted I just spent an hour playing with this, it’s amazing !

I only get very dark characters that want to rule the world, though…