Power Module Broken


Reporting here that after only 3 days of use, power module broke and it does not work anymore, not even with batteries. The quality is really cheap, but the price is high. So really, not happy here. I opened ticket, so i will have to wait forever now for their response. It will be my last product bought from TE for a while, until they respond support in less than 48 hs. It is the only company i know that takes WEEKS to respond to their clients. A shame.


Do any of the components on the power board look broken or overheated? There have been some other people here who had some visible damage to their boards as well…


More info in here:

It would be helpful if you could say how it happened, were you using batteries? Were they rechargable or regular disposable batteries?

It seems that the issue is with the battery voltage dropping below the threshold for the regulators and causing the impedance to rise, resulting in the power supply getting hot and the inductors burning out.

From what I can gather the permanent damage only seems to be caused from using rechargable batteries, mine still works with PSU or battery pack plugged into PSU connector but it does not with AA batteries properly any more.


Mine actually does still work with a power adapter - a proper 12v power supply produces some whine, but less than the one I hacked together. So it might still be a little under-volted, but much less unpleasant, and that bottom transducer doesn’t get uncomfortably-hot-to-the-touch. As I said in the other thread, issues started after completely draining rechargeable batteries.


Mine had a different problem. It was working with batteries (Draining them though). Remove the batteries and while trying to connect my dc adapter, the part where you connect it snapped off! It seems really bad quality. After that, it does not work with batteries either.


Ah, yeah they really should have a cover on the power module, and it also seems like they don’t do a good job of filtering/damping the incoming power signal since as soon as you flip the switch you get that “pop” from the speaker or other parts of the system…

I totally get that the system needs to be made really cheaply to meet the cost targets, but I wish they made the power module a bit more robust. The switch and components are exposed and feel pretty fragile.

Hopefully they can maybe release the board design and output requirements and we can build our own boards to replace it.


curious to know if anyone has shipped the battery section back to TE for them to replace…


I also hacked one up w/ a TC Electronic 12V @ 1A PSU. I soldered direct to the board and don’t have any more noise problems at all now thankfully.

I’m going to remove the shit barrel jack and just hardwire a cable to remove any further problems.