Pre-Op-1 and Hardware E.P.

Hello everybody,

I hope you are doing well today! I hope I can share this with you guys.
After moving out to Japan and before acquiring hardware I made this E.P. - entitled "An Allegory of Peace"

The production is based on synesthesia. Which basically means in this case that each track is a musical translation based on experience.

It’s taken me two months to make the private masters track public, I have been sitting on them, this is the first time I have shared them. I was coming home from Tokyo last weekend and they just happened to come up on my playlist. I felt happier about them after taking a long break from listening to them so I am now ready to share them and take comments. I would really appreciate some comments from you guys or any helpful pointers on where I could get some feedback. I posted on GS but that and this are the only two sites I frequent too.

Without further ado, here are the tracks;

Sits somewhere in the middle between having a kind of narrative, and just self-oscillating without discernible intent. I like the sound of tracks 4 and 5, though I’d have appreciated if they were more concise (track 4 esp could have its last part taken out altogether). Strange, the last track has a long intro but ends almost abruptly in comparison, taking the EP to a sudden end with it.

Sounds like early material on the whole, which makes it far better than it looks from this comment.


i was in a gloomy mood then i heard sunday’s smile and suddenly i felt happy


Nice SLOTH! It’s an unpredictable beast, just like the others. The unknown quantity that is served hopefully added to your ‘said’ experience. Thanks for listening. It’s exactly how I felt in the shape of waveforms.