Prepping my first OP-Z samples, a few quick questions

I’m prepping samples for my new OP-Z, and just wanted to clarify a few things to prevent having to do this again :slight_smile:

  • Do the factory samples count against the 24MB we’re giving for samples? Is it worth deleting them to free up more space?

  • Do the sample chains for the drum have to be evenly spaced? IE, do I have to make sure my 24 kicks in a single aiff file are equidistant for the auto slicing to work, or is it transient based?

  • Are the included synth plugs actually synths, or are they sample based? Is each “preset” of the factory plugs using the same sample just with different settings for filter, effect send, etc? I’m trying to figure out how many synth samples I’ll need to fill up the free user presets.

  • On that note, does anyone happen to know how short I need to make my samples if I want to fill up all the plug locations for all 4 synths and drums?

Thanks for any help, I’m used to prepping samples for my gear but some of the specifics of the OP-Z aren’t addressed in the manual. :slight_smile:


You bought one!

The factory samples are stored at a deeper level. Only a shortcut, or alias, exists in the sample slot folders. So, you can free up all the slots for your own samples, but the actual factory samples stay on the device, and can be gotten to from the iOS app.

From what I’ve seen in videos, it’s the same auto-slicer as the OP-1.

Sample-based. There’s a whole thread on here somewhere about whether that makes it a “true” synth.

Not sure. But don’t kick out all the factory samples just yet. Some are really great.

Yeah, I’ve been on the fence about the OP-Z for awhile now. I actually got it to sequence my OB-6 for a live set, and the day after I ordered one the sampling update went live. Nice. Just trying to get up to speed on the sampling aspect now. I like the sequencing and drum parts, but the synth tracks 5-8 are a little ho hum for me. I want to put something a bit more my style in my OP-Z while I give it a proper run through.

hi @Tarekith, nice to see you again. :innocent:
if you come over the fiddly state and the overall settings the OP-Z can‘t be replaced with it’s unique features.

it’s so efficient and tight controlling and sequencing everything in the Studio.

iam routing the OP-1 into the Neutrons Analog filter while the Harmonys and chords play on one track of OP-Z and the gate of the Neutron by another track. all in this lil Package and flexible! It’s inspired by the tricks Dieter Doepfer has shown with his new poly modules.

I’m definitely digging it already, the sequencer is really nice for sure.

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Also, with the new sampling update, does this mean we can load our own synth samples via content mode without having to make them in OP-1 format? Do they still NEED to be 6 seconds long?

You’ve been able to load any synth patch since the previous update. Any WAV file will do. 6-sec max.

Excellent, thanks.

Did y’all actually figure out the plug are definitively sample based?

Just asking, because some of them sound more synthy than others to me.

i think i know the thread you’re referring to , i’m not sure i got all the way through it… Got a bit narky for my taste

Guys, I have neverending question;) When I copy manually samples into synths tracks (5-8) - they need be in note “C” or “A”? Thx for answer

sorry, I dont understand:/ C or A?

isn‘t it C like on the OP-1!?

The manual says A 440.

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Thanks Tarekith!